Football, 1957: Stanford

I’ve been really looking forward to this one. It was our home opener and we thrashed them, 34-7. It was still early in the season, though, and while Rice was looking very strong, the conference and national pictures were still far from clear. Here’s what Rice Sports Information Director Bill Whitmore had to say about the state of play before the game:

Just for fun, here are a couple of pages from the scrapbook that I found irresistible:

And here’s the Thresher piece about the victory (I went ahead and gave you the entire page since  people seemed to enjoy that last time):

Note also the sense of great anticipation for the next game, against Duke. Remember the Thresher came out at the end of the week, so by the time these stories were written people had had a chance to digest the decisive Stanford win and begin daring to believe that it might be possible to beat the powerful Duke squad.

Was anything else happening on campus that week? Why, yes. Everyone had the flu. (Just an observation: although this isn’t a particularly sparkling example, Peanuts was once a great and supremely subversive comic strip.)

Anything else? Well, Sputnik went up that week. It seemed to have the adults in a tizzy, but that all paled beside the Duke game.

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6 Responses to Football, 1957: Stanford

  1. Richard Schafer says:

    What was the “Rice Renaissance” movement mentioned in the flu column?

  2. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    Egad, Stanford’s team was still called the Indians back then. (Now they are the Cardinal, after the color, and their mascot is a tree. Much more politically correct.) I live within audible distance of their stadium.

    I am also amazed that One’s A Meal had been around that long (I graduated from Rice in 1982 and it was still there then). Are they still around today?

  3. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    I found this interesting tidbit here:

    Rice’s largest victory against Stanford: on 1957-10-05: Final Score: 34 – 7 (27 Points)
    Stanford’s largest victory against Rice: on 1964-10-10: Final Score: 34 – 7 (27 Points)

    The teams have only met 4 times, two at each campus.

    Rice leads the series versus Stanford: 3-1-0 (4 Games)

  4. I had forgotten One’s a Meal. There are two listed on Yahoo Local, but I don’t think either of them have any thing to do with the One’s A Meal we remember from the Village.

    I thought that was interesting about the Indians. Not at all politically correct, but a lot more fun.

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      Do a google search for “Stanford Prince Lightfoot” and read all about it. It’s quite a saga.

  5. Thank you Deborah

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