Weekly Video: JFK at Rice

I play a bit part in this one, but I like my windswept look.

The travails of stardom: I learned something while we were filming yesterday. That turf down on the football field gets almost unimaginably hot. After about ten minutes I felt like my feet were on fire. My hat is off to the young men who play there.

Bonus: Where’s Willy??

A while ago the folks in the Treasurer’s Office were cleaning things out and they discovered a small copy of the statue of William Marsh Rice that sits in the quad—they were  apparently made to be given out to donors. They graciously gave it to me for the archives. It accidentally wound up in my kitchen (don’t ask) and as I was bringing it back this morning it crossed my mind that it had been some time since the old fellow had seen anything other than the back of Lovett Hall. So I decided to take him for a walk.

Where is he?? This should be an easy one.

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8 Responses to Weekly Video: JFK at Rice

  1. Andy Arenson says:

    Really enjoyed seeing more parts of JFK’s speech than I’d seen before. So interesting that the question of why Rice plays Texas was addedin.

  2. KTRU used to have a tape of that speech along with other archive stuff on 1/4 reel tape.

    Has that stuff ever made it to Woodson?

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      I remember that tape in the KTRU archives too.

      JFK’s speech was on Sept 12, 1962. In two weeks time, it will be the 50th anniversary of that date. Wow.

  3. effegee says:

    I give up. Where is Willy? Maybe 4th floor Allen Center?

    The statuette is one that was given to members of the Founder’s Club by at least the early ’70s. Dr. Ruby South (’19) Lowry gave hers to her granddaughter, Linda (’73). I think it’s still around the house here somewhere.

    In the early ’70s, the Founder’s Club was the “giving club” below the Rice Associates. A donation of at least $1,000 was required.

    • dobelman says:

      That’s right, it was a fairly prestigious statue with gravitas. Back when $1grand was a fair bit of dough.

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      It looks like the Willy statue is on an outdoor balcony. But it is incredibly clean (no dust on the rail). I don’t recognize the place. I love the statue, though.

  4. Kathy says:

    The clips from that speech really gave me goosebumps…what a great video!

    And I think the windswept look is a good one for you 😎

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