On The Sad Insufficiency of Past Tents

As long as there have been parties, there have been people putting up tents to hold the crowds. Here’s one from Rice Homecoming in 1956:

And here’s one for some event at Wiess House, back when the Wiess family lived in it:

Walking over to Founder’s Court now, though, I can’t help but feel sorry for those little tents. Folks, I don’t think they’re kidding about this centennial business!

Bonus: I’ve been delighted to see real, visible signs going up on campus buildings. Here’s one for the Shepherd School:

And even more gloriously, there’s a sign on the other side, actually facing out towards the rest of the world!

Extra Bonus: Here’s the kid with the wavy hair from yesterday doing something at KTRU.  I guess this could be filed under “obsolete technology.”

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13 Responses to On The Sad Insufficiency of Past Tents

  1. Sandy Havens says:

    Has anyone written a history of KTRU? It should be done.

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      Whoever makes the suggestion automatically becomes Chairman of the Committee to accomplish the suggested goal.

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      I nominate Scott Hochberg. He is leaving the state legislature this year and he needs another job. 🙂 He was an active participant at KTRU during the John Doerr days and after the flood.
      (Scott willl probably kill me if he hears about me saying this :-))

      • "Gene" Pratt '56. says:

        The English Dept. will probably kill you for not modifying that gerund with an adjective.
        We NEVER made that mistake when Rice was an Institute, did we, Sandy?

      • Jim Woodward says:

        Scott can call me when he takes the gig. I have some reminisces from the late 60’s that might be of interest. I do recall that because my roommate (Stewart West) was station mgr, we got the Beatles’ White Album several days ahead of the general release.

  2. C Kelly says:

    This is great! Although I don’t see any stacks of wax, I’m sure they’re just out of view. I’m guessing John is playing “Je t’aime” by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. If not, he’s playing “Oakie From Muskogee” by Merle Haggard. We had eclectic tastes back in those days.

  3. Seems like there used to be a Lone Star Special on Sunday night. They introduced me to Asleep at the Wheel.

  4. Grungy says:

    We were still using that block of wood to hold our PSAs when I was a DJ (into the early ’80s).

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      The block of wood for PSAs (Public Service Announcements) was there my whole time at KTRU (1977-82). So was that cart rack to the right, although it moved into the newsroom. The stacks of records are behind John, the photographer is probably standing with his back leaning on them. The design of the Rice Radio Folio was identical, I found one when cleaning up the other day.

    • Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

      Note this is the setup from before the flood in the summer of 1975. The station, which was in the basement of the RMC, was flooded about 2.5 feet deep and was rebuilt after that.

  5. Hugh Welsh says:

    It is nice to see signs on the buildings but they gotta get it right-tell someone-Alice Pratt BROWN is correct-not ROWN Hall at Shepherd School of Music

  6. James Medford says:

    So, regarding the tent on Founder’s Court and the big extravaganza they’re going to have on the Saturday night of Centennial weekend … that’s October 13. Yes, the 13th. Does anyone else foresee an … um … interesting situation occurring that evening?

  7. James Medford says:

    Hopefully we can look forward to future perfect tents …

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