Football, 1957: Clemson

Ouch. This one’s nasty–a 20-7 loss at home and it sounds from the Thresher article like we were never in it. At this point in the season people must have been wondering whether all the early potential that they saw in this team was going to be squandered.

My favorite thing on this page is in the intramural report—Sue Zigenbein and Judy Ley administered a comprehensive thrashing to their doubles opponents. No mercy.

The highlight of the weekend, in fact, seems to have been the annual Slime Parade downtown.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the three Rice captains in 1957:

Bonus: I’ve been watching this situation develop over by the Shepherd School for a few weeks now.

Then today, all the way on the other side of campus I found out what the deal is: building signs!

They look really good. The whole campus, by the way, looks like a picture book right now. Everything is ship-shape.


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3 Responses to Football, 1957: Clemson

  1. I remember that Braniff sing from in front of the Rice Hotel. We used to go there often to visit my cousin (Lester Thomas Thannisch) , a lobbyist, who lived at the Rice Hotel, when in Houston. As far as I can remember he came by train. As an aside, Lester Thomas was a former boyfriend of one Toni Payne (Lovett Secretary).

  2. nburch2 says:

    The freshmen girls rode downtown in convertibles, driven by upperclassmen. They freshmen boys were transported in buses, I think. Everyone snaked up and down the aisles of one of the movie theaters. I believe the bonfire was in front of the Shamrock Hotel. Frank Howard was the Clemson coach. He replaced Neely, when Neely left Clemson for Rice.

  3. David Ownby says:

    I was 9 years old and just moved to Houston from Oklahoma and my Dad took me to this game. I will always remember sitting in the top NW deck amazed at the crowd and excitement of the game. From that time on, I wanted to be an Owl!

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