Bonus: Families Weekend Centennial Book Signing, Part 2

This morning we have the new books that will be available at the Friday book-signing event at Brochstein Pavilion. It will be from 9:00 until noon and copies of all these books will be available. Come over, just for fun. I know all these authors and they’re charming company.

Kate S. Kirkland has written a biography of the first chairman of the Rice Board of Trustees. Captain James A. Baker of Houston, 1857-1941 chronicles the life of the successful lawyer and businessman who saved William Marsh Rice’s fortune for the Institute. It’s available from Texas A&M University Press, Amazon and the Rice Campus Bookstore.


Robert Flatt’s Rice’s Owls is a beautiful compilation of photographs that chronicles the life and times of a family of Great Horned owls who took up residence behind Huff House in 2010. It is now on sale at Amazon and through the Rice Athletic Ticket Office at Tudor Fieldhouse, with all proceeds benefiting the Owl Club, which generates funds for scholarships for Rice student-athletes in sixteen varsity sports.

ttweak and Houston. It’s Worth It. is proud to announce its third book, HIWI: Rice, published in honor of Rice University’s centennial. HIWI:Rice is part love letter, part roast and part remembrance of Rice’s lively presence in our city. Like HIWI’s other books, HIWI:Rice is a crowd-sourced publication comprised of stories and photographs submitted by current and former Rice students as well as other Houstonians. Rice institutions such as Valhalla, Beer Bike, O Week and others are memorialized as well as some of the more private pursuits that students have engaged in over the course of a century. It’s available at Amazon and at bookstores around Houston.

Last but far from least is a newly published book of photographs, many of them rarely seen, that chronicles the story of Rice over the last century. Karen Hess Rogers, Lee Pecht and Alan Bath spent over a year writing and combing the Rice archives for the evocative images in Rice University: One Hundred Years in Pictures.  It’s available from Texas A&M Press, Amazon and the Rice Campus Store.

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6 Responses to Bonus: Families Weekend Centennial Book Signing, Part 2

  1. Want. Now. All.

  2. marmer01 says:

    Oh, and David Thompson of ttweak was a Rice classmate and good buddy of mine back in the day.

  3. Leoguy says:

    Thanks, Melissa. I’ll stop by and buy …

  4. Grungy says:

    So many familiar pixels on the cover of the HIWI book.
    I guess this isn’t the month to curtail spending after all…

  5. Rats! Misssed it! Guess I’ll still have to pick up the books somewhere.

  6. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    Melissa, are you going to write a book too?

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