Centennial Aftermath, plus a Small Peek Behind the Scenes

I think it came off beautifully. There were big crowds, wise and touching words were spoken, people connected with old friends and the football team won. I spent most of my time taking photographs, most of which I haven’t looked hard at yet.

As I went through the week with my camera I became riveted by what was happening behind the scenes. It was a mini-drama of constant preparation, set up and then clean up, again and again for each event. I have rarely seen so many people work so hard. I’ve also rarely seen so much trash generated in such a short amount of time.

This isn’t exactly history–at least not yet–but here are a few pictures of what I’m talking about.

These guys solved a last minute paint emergency.

Blanket Centennial Apology: I know I’ve left quite a few emails unanswered in the last few weeks and I’m truly sorry for that. It was kind of a triage situation–if something wasn’t on fire, I might have let it slide. I promise I’ll go back and try to sort it all out.

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3 Responses to Centennial Aftermath, plus a Small Peek Behind the Scenes

  1. mattnoall says:

    It is nice to see some pictures and comments about all the folks doing the support work so important to getting an event running smoothly. The staff always have done excellent work keeping the campus lovely.

  2. Marcy Kupchella says:

    We also noticed the incredible level of activity for all the events. Lunch on Friday was a feat by itself – we were told by a chef walking by that they planned to feed between 9 and 12 THOUSAND – and there seemed to be dozens of gatherings of all sizes. Each of the persons I spoke to was pleasant and seemingly unconcerned by the monumental tasks they were accomplishing.

  3. Franco says:

    We Love being of service to Rice and creating wionderful 1st Impressions!

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