Friday Afternoon Follies: Bike Race

This seems unfair but maybe there’s a handicap system.

Can anyone tell me where this was taken?

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  1. Doug Williams says:

    That’s Tom Cassidy on the trike and Craig Mielke on the bicycle. They both graduated in 1985 and were on the Will Rice bike team. That may be Dan Desau in the fire truck. Since they were all in Will Rice, the picture is probably from around that college. That may be the commons behind them.

  2. Craig Mielke says:

    As part of the 1985 Will Rice Day, it was planned to have a tricycle race in addition to the 3 legged race, stairwell relay, Beer Wall race, loudest yell, etc. Although some practicing took place for the event as seen in the photo, the tricycle race was canceled for lack of equipment. As you can see, none of us was able to find a tricycle. Notice that even back then we always wore helmets!

  3. Dan Dessau says:

    Yes, that was me. It was always hard to keep up with Tom and Craig!

  4. Doug Williams says:

    The sidewalk that Tom and Craig are on may not exist now. It ran from the WRC commons in front of New Dorm. Now that New Dorm has been torn down and replaced by Newer Dorm, I’m pretty sure there’s a new sidewalk in that general area.

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