Fly Me

I’m sitting at gate B77 this morning, on my way for a week of vacation in Omaha. (You’re jealous, right?) I’ll probably keep posting every day because, well . . . .  I like it.

Anyway, I’ve been looking through some of the images I have on my laptop and ran across these from an earlier age of air travel. I really have no idea of what this trip was all about. There are a lot of pictures of it–maybe three dozen or so–which makes me think it must have been important to someone. It seems that the destination was somewhere in Mexico and the era looks to be the early 1960s. The only person I recognize is Jim Castaneda, professor of Spanish as well as baseball and golf coach. He’s at the far left.

If anyone knows what this trip might have been for, please let me know.

It all looks considerably more pleasant than the scene at gate B77 this morning.





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7 Responses to Fly Me

  1. The plane is probably a Fokker F-27 Friendship or the US-built Fairchild variant. I don’t see livery, wonder if it’s a charter? Probably sometime after 1957. It was a very commonly used aircraft.

  2. Good one, Tommy!

  3. Hugh Welsh says:

    That”s a gorgeous gal sitting in the plane,in spite of the beehive hairdo.

  4. Courtney Castaneda says:

    Hi, I’m Jim Castaneda’s granddaughter – I think they were in (or were traveling to) Spain. We’ll compare people in this photo to some group photos from the summer language program in Spain to try to figure out the year.

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