Friday Afternoon Follies: Hanszenettes, mid 80s

Whatever they’re selling, I’m buying it.

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  1. Richard A. Schafer says:

    Cheerleaders for powder-puff football?

  2. Grungy says:

    That’s on The MOB’s practice field, which was also used for Powder Puff.
    This could be either a rehearsal for performing with The MOB or a performance for a Powder Puff halftime.

  3. Yes, it was a drill team for the halftime of Powderpuff games. AFAIK they didn’t perform with the MOB. I was at Hanszen during this time and it was definitely a “thing.”

  4. James Medford says:

    I was a charter member of the Hanszenettes, but I’m not in that picture. In addition to Powderpuff games, we also performed at halftime of one Rice women’s basketball game, and one men’s game (against UT, I think). We performed in one show with the MOB … Baylor, 1984. The theme was “Real Men”, or something along those lines.

    • Jane Jordan Le Brun says:

      I was lucky enough to play on the Hanszen powderpuff team that was so avidly supported by the Hanszenettes. This very fun group of guys often practiced in the Hanszen central quad – seemingly with greater frequency than we ever practiced our powderpuff plays and more often than my real squad of Rice Cheerleaders. The Hanszenettes were cheeky and surprisingly talented. They were beloved by us – AND they had some serious FUN!!!

  5. Hannah says:

    The Hanszenettes were the brainchild of Ron(nie) Segal. A famous, or infamous, routine was to the song “Beat It.” There’s a great picture of several of us watching the Hanszenettes and you can tell it was as much fun to watch as to be a Hanszenette. Let me know if there’s a way to load it onto your site.

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