Season’s Greetings, c1980

Here’s the inside:

Hackerman Christmas card inside

And here’s the front:

Hackerman Christmas Card nd

I’m not certain what year this was sent but there are two things about this image that I do know. First, I know who took it: Margie Sass, Ron’s wife, who was a talented photographer. Second, I know whose bike that is.

Norman on his bike 1981

Merry Christmas! The Woodson is closed until January 2nd. I’ll probably keep posting because I don’t know what else to do, but it will be the equivalent of cleaning out the refrigerator. I’ve got a bunch of strange leftover images and I’ll do my best to make something interesting out of them.

Non-Obsolete Technology Bonus: I was at the Texans game yesterday and the highlight of the whole sorry affair for me was a sighting of this guy. He was filming the game with actual film! I watched him pretty closely and he looked like a real pro. It’s kind of blurry so it’s hard to see, but the pinkish thing on the table at the far left edge of the picture is actually a stack of film canisters.


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2 Responses to Season’s Greetings, c1980

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Perhaps an NFL crewman shooting it old-school?

  2. Wolfgang says:

    NFL films*

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