Speaking of the Bowels of the old Gym

I found this picture in the gym folder. It’s undated and while it certainly look like the gym, I have no idea where it was or what it is. Help?

Gym nd unsure what it is

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10 Responses to Speaking of the Bowels of the old Gym

  1. C Kelly says:

    It looks like a temporary locker room. It’s not for use by a football team because there isn’t enough space for equipment like helmets, shoulder pads, etc. Maybe a soccer team or one that doesn’t require much equipment?

  2. Gaylon Kent says:

    ROTC gun racks???

  3. Melissa Kean says:

    Maybe something like that, but I think it’s too early for soccer.

  4. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    The racks certainly look like normal locker room racks. I don’t think they are temporary – look at how nicely they are fitted to the wall on the right. An intriguing clue is the whirling ceiling fans and that big fan unit on the upper right, and all the windows are open. It looks like the room doesn’t have air conditioning. A pool locker room?

  5. mjthannisch says:

    The big fan unit on the right is a heater. While I do not remember this room, it does look like a place to disrobe and go swimming.

  6. Wes Hansen says:

    This actually was part of the football locker room through 1977, when we still had to make a procession from the Autry area across the parking lot to HRS (and they complain about our current football locker room 🙂 ). I remember sitting on the closest available seat in the picture, not able to move for about 30 minutes after the most grueling off-season workout of my life.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      Where in the building was it? I can’t recall seeing those windows from the outside.

      • Wes Hansen says:

        Grungy (below) might be right, but I would have guessed the window at the end of the room would have looked out over (the north edge of) the stadium parking lot. As you look into this room, I remember there four large shower stalls down the hall to the right, and Hutch’s equipment room was down the hall to the left. I believe this was an athletes/athletics-only area.

  7. Grungy says:

    Are these the windows that The MOB used to play the Fight Song and Bonnet through after rehearsals, just before dinner? If so, back side, on the Jake Hess tennis stadium side of the building

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