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Video: Big Game in the Baker Commons

I hope you won’t be too disappointed to see Secretary James A. Baker III instead of me in this video. While I’m sure we can all agree that I’m cuter, it seems likewise clear that he has a great deal … Continue reading

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Trees, or Lack Thereof

I’m just getting home after a really long day and I can’t come up with much to say. However, I’ve been thinking about something in the 1969 campus picture from yesterday. Notice how small and how few the trees were … Continue reading

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Fondren Library, Part IV: Just Awful

I hadn’t thought much recently about the 1969 addition to Fondren until I came upon a photograph this afternoon while traveling home. As I’m sure you recall, this large addition to the west end of the library was part of … Continue reading

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Please Latch the Gate

For many years the front gates were regularly locked. This is the first I’ve ever seen of this sign, though. It think the picture was taken in about 1917: Just for a refresher, here’s what was on the other side … Continue reading

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Friday Evening Follies: Cheap Sunglasses

My first impulse, of course, was to make a joke about the horn but on further reflection it’s actually the glasses that make this look work so well. Bonus:

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Canoeing in Buffalo Bayou, 1915

First, let me say that the comments to the last two posts are a great example of why I still find this enterprise a generally happy one. I can’t claim that I always like Rice but there’s no question that … Continue reading

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Nellie the Elephant or How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Just before Christmas break my colleague Dara showed me this photo and asked if I knew anything about it: I did not. I’d never seen it before. I was, though, arrested by the image and felt compelled to figure it … Continue reading

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Library Computation Project, c1960

I’d run across these images a couple of times in the past and just set them side as hopelessly enigmatic. None are dated and only one has any label at all, which is written so sloppily it’s impossible to make … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Reynolds Avenue and Westmoreland Boulevard, 1912

One of the things we understandably don’t think about much is that the names of streets, even major streets, sometimes change over time. Why does this happen? I guess sometimes it’s to honor a person but other times I just … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Just One More Cup

Oh girl, I know the feeling. This must have been taken shortly after Jones College opened. Update: Someone mentioned in yesterday’s comments that a book ought to be written about the goings-on surrounding the Economic Summit. As it happens, such … Continue reading

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