Friday Afternoon Follies: Just One More Cup

Oh girl, I know the feeling.

Coffee and Book girl 1958

This must have been taken shortly after Jones College opened.

Update: Someone mentioned in yesterday’s comments that a book ought to be written about the goings-on surrounding the Economic Summit. As it happens, such a book has already been written. It’s very thorough and quite candid but unfortunately it was never offered to the general public and it’s hard to find. We’ve got several in the Woodson, though, if you’d like to have a look.

Economic Summit Boles book

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6 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: Just One More Cup

  1. I remember at the time thinking two things, first “thank goodness the Concert Hall isn’t finished yet.” and “what real good is this doing the university for all the money being spent.” Oh, but I did enjoy the extra days off. Today, you mention the 1990 Economic Summit to pretty much any Houstonian and they remember that George H.W. Bush (although they didn’t call him that then) and Margaret Thatcher were here, and not much else.

  2. loki_the_bubba says:

    I think about the Summit every time I drive into IAH and see the sculpture of the flags that was moved there.

  3. David M. Bynog says:

    Readers can see a digital version of the book as part of Fondren’s Digital Scholarship Archive at:

  4. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    Is that a refrigerator the woman is leaning on? It reminds me of a stove from my childhood, but there are no burners.

    • Richard Schafer says:

      I think it is a stove. The burners are hidden by the toaster. The handles on the oven doors are a dead giveaway that it’s a stove. And thanks, David, for the pointer to the digital version of the summit book. One of the memories I retain of the summit is watching the TV footage of the ceremonial howitzer firing on the other side of campus, and realizing that we were hearing the booms in the air *after* hearing them on TV, even though the signal was being sent from Houston back to the network’s New York broadcast center, then back to Houston for the broadcast, a wonderful example of the speed of light exceeding the speed of sound.

  5. almadenmike says:

    It looks to me like that old two-part filter coffee pot in the background might be sitting atop a black burner grate.

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