Friday Afternoon Follies: Boys

“Men” seems a little ambitious.

Boys c early 60s

I’m calling this circa 1960 but I wonder if it might be a bit earlier.

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  1. Wow. There’s an ashtray on the table and plenty of Budweiser cups, but no one is smoking. They are wearing brand new Wrangler jeans, sport shirts, and black dress shoes. ’60 or earlier for sure.

  2. Grungy says:

    An interesting collection of textures on the walls, and placement of the switch gang seems a bit high.

  3. mattnoall says:

    It is an odd room, right outside a toilet. Notice the paper on the floor. Is there any way to get enough resolution to read it? It seems to be typeset. A big deal I’m that era so it might tell us quite a bit

    • Richard Miller (Hanszen '75 & '76) says:

      I actually think they are in the mens room. It appears that the door is propped open and the rooms is actually about 6-8 inches below the corridor. The light switch is at normal height on the other side of the doorway

  4. Yes, I am wondering where this is. Some kind of basement, probably. Looks like it’s just around the corner from the bathroom. The beadboard and high set light switch seem to imply a not-fully-finished space. And yes, the piece of paper appears to be typeset. Looks like a group of poems or perhaps some kind of religious text with prayers, psalm texts, Mass sections, or something. Speculating really hard here. They won’t all be home runs like Nellie and the City Auditorium! 😉

  5. Joseph "Chepe" Lockett (Hanszen '91) says:

    Could it be in Autry House (back before Palmer Memorial thoroughly renovated the space)? The wall treatment looks vaguely familiar, and kit would explain the “religious text” piece Marty noticed.

  6. Deborah Gronke Bennett (BSEE Hanszen '82) says:

    The high light switches and bead board are in a hallway. There is a short set of stairs leading down to the level where the men’s room and the card table are. They are outside the men’s room: the door is clearly closed into its frame. There is another long sheet of paper on the table – it almost looks like one of the players is reading a newspaper folded in half?

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