The Rice Flying Club, 1929 plus Ready for My Closeup

One of the things that I always have an eye out for is evidence of the continuing passion for aviation that runs through the early decades at the Institute. While I was looking for something in some Threshers from the late 1920s the other day, this ad jumped out at me. Looking at it today it seems so reckless, but what the heck–I certainly would have gone up if I had the chance. It ran in late February:

1929 Airplane Thresher Ad

By early March, the Rice Flying Club had organized with Jimmy Waters as its faculty sponsor:

1929 Airplane Thresher march 11
1929 Airplane thresher 2

I can’t help but wonder whether any of these guys got a ride in the Fast Parker Pen Monoplane.

Bonus: Tommy Lavergne taking more fabulous pictures.


The photos are for the next issue of Rice Magazine, which will feature a piece about a couple of the old student scrapbooks that we have in the Woodson. They’re really neat and I’ve posted images from both of them in the past. Keep an eye on your mailbox!


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3 Responses to The Rice Flying Club, 1929 plus Ready for My Closeup

  1. Richard A. Schafer says:

    There’s a problem with the pictures of Tommy taking pictures. When I click on the small image, the large image doesn’t display.

  2. mjthannisch says:

    My second year at Rice either Alec or Alex was giving me flying lessons, out near Katy, I want to say it was 12.50 an hour. I never got my license for various reasons, but the experience served me well when I helped fly planes and navigate planes for medical brigades on the Miskito Coast, in Honduras.

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