Happy Fourth of July!

Whatever you’re doing today, please try to exercise better judgment than this:

Beach in drag late 40s

Rice boys, late ’40s, at Galveston, apparently wearing their grandmothers swimsuits. I can’t help but notice that some of them look better than others–the guy second from right is kind of pulling it off. Also, there may be beer involved.

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7 Responses to Happy Fourth of July!

  1. James Medford says:

    The guy second from left appears to be wielding a plunger. I don’t think I want to know why.

  2. Richard A. Schafer says:

    Beer is definitely involved. Those are all what are called crowntainers, which were a form of beer can made from about 1939 to the 1950s.

  3. Owlcop says:

    For $560.00 I’m going to start digging in the in-laws barn!

  4. Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

    The days of the Open Beaches.
    The Beaches belong to “the people of Texas”.

    So much for that theory.

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