Friday Afternoon Follies: Incoming Freshman

Matriculation, 1993.

Matriculation with chicken

I’m pretty sure he’s from out of state.

Bonus: Mr. Rice History Corner, either peeking at the progress of the new Continuing Studies building or waiting to be frisked.


Also, many thanks to all who commented the other day. It was very helpful!

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3 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: Incoming Freshman

  1. I believe President Gillis was much less happy about the chicken incident than he appears in this photo. Soon afterward Matriculation was moved to Stude Concert Hall for the next several years until the addition of the new Colleges made the incoming class too big to fit in Stude. Speaking of Stude, it’s a lovely shot of Michael Hammond in his Oxford regalia.

  2. effegee says:

    No TSA operatives in sight. Unless Mr. RHC is concealing a weaponized boarding pass in his pocket, he’s probably safe from a “frisk” anyway.

  3. Margo Edwards says:

    This was my matriculation! Gillis was brand new to Rice, and I remember him pointing out that we were all going to be freshmen together. The chickens/roosters were a prank from one of the colleges (maybe Brown?). Although Gillis might not have been happy about it, he showed a great sense of humor in the moment. As soon as he saw the birds, he started naming the breeds (“Well, that’s a Rhode Island Red, and that’s a…”) for our benefit and entertainment!

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