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Friday Afternoon Follies: Water Ballet

So graceful, like gazelles. I can’t possibly be the only person who looked at this and thought of Caddy Shack. Bonus: Things weren’t so cushy back in the 20s.

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Tidelands, Part I

There was a very minor stir last week when an old laundry cart appeared next to the west door of Anderson Hall. Several emailers alerted me to it and another clever reader actually forwarded a picture to me, for which … Continue reading

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This morning I was looking again at the pictures I put up on Monday of the construction site for Ryon Lab. I was, of course, thinking about the big parking lot out there and I couldn’t help but notice the … Continue reading

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Welcoming a New President, 1946

This picture was taken at the Rice Alumni Dinner in April of 1946. It’s noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First, it’s very, very early in William Houston’s Rice career–he must have been on campus for about fifteen minutes when … Continue reading

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Campus Construction, Negatives, 1964-68: Ryon Lab

I idly opened up a box last week even though it was clearly labeled as containing negatives. Negatives are no fun whatsoever–the only way to really see what’s on one is to scan it–so I tend to avoid them whenever … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Beer in a Unexpected Place

This image fills me with wistfulness. I will award one gold star to the first person who identifies the location.  (Grungy is not eligible.)  

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Mech Lab Towards Main Street, Four Times

I had another in a long series of crazy days today and at the end of it I find that I’m not capable of saying anything worthwhile. So here’s roughly the same picture four times. Look and be amazed. 1916: … Continue reading

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John Graves, ’42

After we heard the news last week of the death of John Graves (’42), the author of several lovely books including most famously Goodbye to A River, a reader emailed asking about a short piece Graves wrote in 1964. Published in … Continue reading

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Benches, Part II

My public has been clamoring for more posts about benches (seriously!) so we may as well start now. I occasionally hear it said that for years there were no benches allowed on campus. Sometimes the speculation is that this was … Continue reading

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Be a Pal and Help Out an Archivist

These pictures were in an old Hanszen College scrapbook that came in earlier this summer. Most of the stuff in it was identified, but not these two. Any thoughts? I love this guy’s little smile: This one looks more recent, … Continue reading

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