“I’ll remember his name eventually”

This is one of the funniest labels I’ve ever seen on a picture in these archives.

Successful architect Remember Eventually

“This guy is some successful Houston architect. I’ll remember his name eventually.” Why would you bother to write that down?!? I don’t recognize the handwriting, by the way, and it was with materials that came out of the gym before the renovations a few years ago. I think it must be Barry Moore, (’62). Can anyone confirm?

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8 Responses to “I’ll remember his name eventually”

  1. Karl Benson '62 says:

    That’s Barry!

  2. Barry’s father, Harvin C. Moore, did the original part of the Student Center and the Chapel.

  3. Dagobert Brito says:

    That is Barry.

  4. Grungy says:

    Maybe Barry wrote the label.

  5. Anne Baillio says:

    Absolutely Barry

  6. Susanne Glasscock says:

    This may be your 200th confirmation—–YES!!! That is Barry Moore!! Susie

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  7. ed summers, Baker, 1959 says:

    He sure does resemble other members of his family I have seen.

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