Two Days at the Track

Roughly the same spot, roughly fifty years apart. The first set, I’m almost certain, is from this meet in the spring of 1916 (Rice left the Southwest Conference in 1916 and rejoined it in 1918, by the way, which is why it’s a TIAA meet):

Programme for track meet 1916

The images were made from some of the glass plate negatives that Tommy Lavergne gave me a couple of years ago:

Track meet possibly 1916 4Track meet possibly 1916 3Track meet possibly 1916

The second set is also undated but must have been taken in the late 1960s, maybe for the media guide:

Track nd c late60sTrack nd c60s hurdlertrack nd runners


Bonus: Who knows where this is?


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9 Responses to Two Days at the Track

  1. Don Johnson says:

    I think I do. It is the ceiling skylight in one of the newer wings of Abercrombie. Newer being a relative term; the fill-in wings were constructed in the 80s, if I recall correctly.

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Correct, as usual, Professor Johnson.

  3. C Kelly says:

    I think the relay team picture shows Denny Dickey with the baton. Bill Askey is on the far left. And, Chip Grandjean is beside Askey. Not sure who the others are, but I would guess these are members of the mile relay team, or maybe 1600 meters by that time.

    One guy in the top picture is starting with a REAL handicap.

  4. almadenmike says:

    That’s Bobby May holding the stopwatch in the first of the modern photos.

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