Unobsolete Technology: Collecting Specimens

Some technologies fulfill their intended purpose so perfectly that they can never entirely be replaced.

1916:Biology collecting 1916 Altenberg(L) Wheeler


I can’t identify the young women in the earlier photo but the one who so graciously allowed me to take her picture on Friday is Elizabeth Richardson (’14). She told me that she was collecting specimens for EBIO 330, Insect Biology Lab, with Dr. Scott Solomon. I can tell you that in 1916 there were only a small handful of Biology classes being taught–the most likely candidate here is Biology 100, General Biology. Here’s the course description from the 1916 General Announcements. I was especially struck by the gloriously broad understanding of the importance of the study of life in all its forms. Three lectures and a three-hour lab each week hardly seems adequate.

Biology 100 1916 general announcements

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  1. Deborah Gronke Bennett (BSEE Hanszen '82) says:

    Another thing that hasn’t changed: science classes are 3 lectures and one lab per week.

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