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Filling in the Wings of Abercrombie Hall

I’ve has this picture for quite some time and just couldn’t figure out what it was. I actually titled it “No Idea Construction” when I scanned it. No matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t get it to make … Continue reading

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Two Days at the Track

Roughly the same spot, roughly fifty years apart. The first set, I’m almost certain, is from this meet in the spring of 1916 (Rice left the Southwest Conference in 1916 and rejoined it in 1918, by the way, which is … Continue reading

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Francis Loewenheim, 1927-1996

Every once in a while I run across something that I have to lay aside for a while before I can talk about it. I’ve had this photograph of history professor Francis Loewenheim for six months but it seems so … Continue reading

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The 1976 Cohen House Addition

Long-time Rice architecture professor Will Cannady recently donated his papers to the Woodson and they contain some pretty interesting materials. Most engaging for me are the before-and-after photos of the 1976 addition to Cohen House that was designed by Cannady … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Follies: Aloha!

I’m embarking on a busy, likely unpredictable day so while I have five quiet minutes I’m going to get this up. This way we can enjoy it all day! Rice historians Andrew Muir and Frank Vandiver, Honolulu, August 1962, looking … Continue reading

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“the right kind of esprit de corps”: The History of the Rice University Archives, Part 1

Looking through some boxes of old library records, I found the earliest history of my archives. Their very first appearance is in a 1949 memo from Librarian William Dix to President Houston: It seems pretty persuasive to me and apparently … Continue reading

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Math Science Plans, 1966

I was back in the oversize area the other day looking at old Sallyports and just for fun I started opening up random envelopes. Look what I found: They’re the plans for the Math Science Building (Herman Brown Hall) that … Continue reading

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Travis Lee Haltom

I was looking through an early scrapbook this afternoon and was struck by this photograph. It’s dated 1916 and the young football player is identified as Travis Lee Haltom. I went to see if I could find anything about about … Continue reading

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Rice Hotel Laundry

Most of the things that I found in the box labeled “Campus Construction Negatives, 1964-68” (first mentioned here) are pretty much what you’d expect to find in a box so labeled. Not everything, though. Archives can be weird places. These images … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Projectile

He was throwing chairs before throwing chairs was cool.

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