“Last Days of the Old Footbridge”

In yesterday’s comments someone mentioned the footbridge over Harris Gully (or the “Blue Danube” as the map has it). Here it is in a small, blurry image from 1926:

Harris Gully Bridge Thanksgiving 1926

Coincidentally, this afternoon I came upon this ad in a 1950 issue of the Sallyport. It’s a lousy reproduction–the Sallyport was printed on newsprint at this time, so if you zoom in on it too closely it melts into a blur of dots–but it’s ironically the best view of the thing I’ve ever seen, as well as the only image I’ve ever found of the the gully being enclosed.

Last Days of Footbridge Sallyport Feb 1950

It also helps date this picture with a bit more certainty:

Campus View drainage


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7 Responses to “Last Days of the Old Footbridge”

  1. mjthannisch says:

    And still nobody remembers anything about the arrowheads formerly found around Harris Gully?

  2. mjthannisch says:

    The campus police told me about this in the late 70s. I do not know their source, and sadly the one who seemed to know the most, Jim Davidson, died in a car wreck, and I am not sure what happened with Sgt. Anderson, and so was unable to determine the source of the information.

    In fact it was over this issue that I initially found you.

  3. Bill Johnson 57-58 says:

    John G. Holland, Holland Construction Co., and his wife were both Rice graduates. Their son is Jack Holland class of 57 and 58 .

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