Homecoming, 1962

1962 Homecoming program cover

Not long ago I was looking around in a place I’d never looked before and I was again rewarded with something charming–a worn, coffee stained program from the 1962 Homecoming and two photos that seem to have been taken at that event. It was the pictures that first caught my eye. They are only labeled with the name of the photographer: Ike Sanders, ’17, but they are easy to identify. The first one, taken inside Cohen House, is of Professor Tsanoff:

Ike Sanders 17 reunion c60s Tsanoff

The second is mathematician Hubert Bray, ’18, Rice’s first Ph.D. recipient.  Note the large badge on his lapel. I’m fairly certain that it was the one designed by Harry Bulbrook to be worn by members of Rice’s “Frontier Five” classes on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

Ike Sanders Bray reunion


I don’t know if anyone else will enjoy the event program as much as I do, but here it is anyway: 1962 Homecoming program 11962 Homecoming program 2

I just love to read their names.

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9 Responses to Homecoming, 1962

  1. C Kelly says:

    I notice the program included a film, “The Golden Years,” produced by Mr. & Mrs. Shad Graham. He was a very interesting film maker. Is there any chance Rice has a copy of the film?

  2. C Kelly says:

    To quote Emily Latella, “Never mind.” That’s obviously not the same Cornelius Ryan.

  3. marmer01 says:

    Two things jump out at me: first, the hotels where the class parties were held were the epitome of swank back then, and are all now, I believe, gone. Also, the game started at 8:00 pm. Wow, that would put the halftime festivities beginning around 9:00 if not later. That’s pretty late for old folks!

  4. mjthannisch says:

    Rice Hotel is still there though, though now it is lofts. My cousin used to stay there when he was in Houston.

  5. Deborah Gronke Bennett (BSEE Hanszen '82) says:

    I really like the fact that although the women are listed in the manner of the day as Mrs Husband’s Name, that they are also listed by their maiden name and class year.
    I love the grillwork behind Dr. Tsanoff. Any idea where this was?

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