I think this photograph is utterly glorious. It’s undated (of course) but I feel certain one of you can tell me when it was taken, at least approximately. I hardly know where to begin here–the go-go boots? the cars? the temporary buildings? or the guy in the white shoes and belt watching the passing show so intently?

0x4ef0000And these two are almost as fun–they’re on the same sheet. Whoever took them couldn’t decide if he should focus on the flag or the girl, which should have been an easy call.


What is that insignia on the top left corner of the flag, by the way?


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13 Responses to Twirlers

  1. effegee says:

    Southwest Conference (SWC)

  2. Grungy says:

    Probably 1972.
    That looks like Bob Hord in the white uniform on the left.
    I’ve never met Alan Woelfel, but that could be him in the other white uniform, on the right.
    Alan (son of the Alan we both knew from the RHS board, Melissa) was drum major in ’72.
    Only the blonde twirler is familiar to me, but I don’t recall her name.
    The twirler under the flag is Liz Moy.
    No idea about the insignia on the flag.
    I’ve never seen these pictures before.

  3. James Medford says:

    St. Luke’s is visible in the background of the first photo, and that 26-story tower was build in 1971, so it’s ’71 at the earliest.

  4. effegee says:

    Never noticed before how that medical building/garage between Rice and Sunset interacts with Rice’s buildings.

  5. Hannes says:

    Notice that they are all in sync with the right leg in front of the left. I don’t think the current MOB bothers with marching in step with each other.

  6. “temporary buildings”? That is the Rice Media Center and the Rice Museum.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      You made me laugh–I almost put “temporary” in quotes myself but decided against it because when the photo was taken we were still laboring under the delusion that they were.

  7. I arrived in 1975 and they were still described as temporary, but that mirage was fading fast.

    I spent a fair amount of time in the Media Center, with a year of film history (with Tom McEvilley) and a year of photo (with Peter Brown). I learned a lot from both of them.

  8. marmer01 says:

    The truck is a 1970 Ford Sport Custom.
    The wagon is a 1971 Plymouth Fury Suburban (yes, really. It was a catch-all term for large four-door wagonish type vehicles until Chevrolet trademarked it.)

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