Jim Crownover (’65) and the Pathetics

I attended a pretty fancy event last evening–the unveiling of the portrait of Rice’s immediate past Chairman of the Board, Jim Crownover (’65). Jim is a good guy and has served Rice very well so it was nice to see such a beautiful painting. Apologies for the fuzzy cell phone picture:


It will, I believe, eventually be on display with the rest of the rogue’s gallery in Allen Center, where you’ll be able to get a better look at it:


Interestingly enough, I have quite a few images of Jim as a Rice undergraduate. A complete search turned up a non-embarrassing one, a team picture of the Pathetics, who, contrary to what you might expect were not pathetic at all. I do note, though, that young Mr. Crownover is clearly out of compliance, wardrobe-wise.

Pathetics 1964

We have, incidentally, a full collection of intramural results, complete with photos, which came out of the gym before it was renovated. This collection has been a source of serious amusement for me.

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  1. Greg Marshall says:

    Very cool! Also great to see Texas Monthly founding editor Bill Broyles and his successor in that position, Greg Curtis.

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