Lovett Hall Renovations, n.d.

I found these pictures on a random contact sheet. (I shudder to think about how many of these are still unexamined. It’s impossible to even guess.) When I first squinted at the little images I thought they showed the early stages of the construction of Sewall Hall, but after I scanned them and blew them up I realized that it was something else  altogether.

Lovett construction nd shed in quadLovett construction nd shedsLovett construction nd mislabeled

I really don’t now what this is at all. They’re undated but Sewall isn’t there so I’m guessing late 1960s. All I can think of is that it might be a renovation of the Founders Room, but that’s really just a guess. Anybody?

Bonus: Woodson Christmas Party today. Sorry if you had to wait.


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  1. Nice to see you today, Melissa. Drop by anytime! In the first picture, the trucks are a late-50’s International and a ’64-’66 Chevrolet. Can’t tell about the car next to the Chevy truck, but it could be a ’66 Chevy Nova, maybe with some kind of dark hood stripe graphic. In the last picture, the truck is a 1960 Ford.

  2. almadenmike says:

    The only mention of Warrior Constructors in the Rice Thresher is in the March 17, 1966, issue … notice of job interview opportunities in the placement office on March 21.

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