Friday Afternoon Follies: “Don’t Tell Mom”

Just like Vegas, what happens in Brown College stays in Brown College. Except, of course, when it winds up on the internet.

Brown scrapbook 84 don't tell mom

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11 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: “Don’t Tell Mom”

  1. Gloria Tarpley '81 says:

    Oh, my goodness! Was that Vito? During the late ’70s and early ’80s the basement at Brown was remodeled into a usable social space as a project the college membership undertook, and the newly renovated space was “inaugurated” with the performance of Vito, a dancer hired for the occasion. I believe the event was called a “Doe Party”. Anyway, after that event, the basement was christened “Vito’s”. I have no idea if that space is still in service, or what it is called — do you know? I was out of town that weekend so I cannot be sure, but I strongly suspect that is what the picture portrays…..

  2. Grungy says:

    There’s someone behind the suspected “Vito”, as well…

  3. That is definitely not the original Vito, but a vain impostor! Vito was much handsomer, and wore somewhat less clothing. 🙂 And there were lots more women crowding around him, that well-remembered evening.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      Oh yes, the real Vito could definitely draw a crowd. I’ll go back and try to find a decent picture–that is, a picture that I can can decently post. He wasn’t wearing much at all.

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