The Berlin Wall Arrives, 1991

The Glasscock School officially moved into its new home last week. It’s extremely attractive and looks to be well suited for its intended purposes so I’m going to let pass without comment the fact that it ate up some parking spaces. Naturally, this is all good news for the Woodson, as several boxes of extremely interesting materials bubbled up during preparations for the move. (There are some seriously entertaining pictures from various Continuing Studies galas, although I won’t mention any names. Yet.)

I suspect many people don’t know that the piece of the Berlin Wall that now sits along the side of the Baker Institute was originally sited between the two “temporary” buildings across from the police station. (If I understand correctly, the one that housed Continuing Studies might actually give up the ghost pretty soon.) Here are some shots of its dramatic arrival in November, 1991:

Berlin Wall CS

Berlin Wall CS installation

Berlin Wall CS Nov 1991

It’s behind you.

I’m pretty sure I once knew the story of how it got to Rice but I confess that I’ve forgotten it. Anybody?

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  1. Hi, Melissa! Thanks for the mention about our new building (we completely understand about the parking spaces). Here is blog post we did in 2012 about how the piece of the Berlin Wall came to Rice,

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Thanks, Glasscock School! I knew I could count on you.

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