The Fire Breathing Monster

As long as we’re talking about peculiar photographs, here’s one of the stranger ones I’ve come across recently:
Woofus at night mid30s

That’s Woofus, born for the Engineering Show in 1928 and died a patriotic death in a scrap heap in 1942. From context, this image must have been taken in the mid-1930s. You really need to click on this to get a good look at him. The photograph is quite sharp but between the artificial lighting and the bland expression on the kid’s face it’s pretty eerie.

Bonus: There are still many unexplored frontiers out there for me, folks.


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5 Responses to The Fire Breathing Monster

  1. marmer01 says:

    Bonus: Looks familiar. Is that over by the science triplets? Brick wall, brick walkway. You probably already know this, but this is the Rice standard St. Joe brick in Flemish bond. Flemish bond is where the long and short bricks alternate with the short ones centered over the longer ones beneath. Also notice there’s a thicker belt course at the top edge of the water fountain.

  2. Karen says:

    Bonus: It’s been a long time. At first, I thought it might be on Herman Brown, since I seem to remember outdoor water fountains there. But the edge of the door that you can see on the left certainly isn’t right for Herman Brown. I’m thinking those are the kind of doors on the offices in the RMC courtyard. I don’t specifically remember a water fountain at that corner, but I can imagine there was one. Also, since it’s metal rather than ceramic, it most likely wouldn’t be one of the old buildings. I wouldn’t recognize it if it’s after the early 80’s, so RMC best matches my memory.

  3. I thought about RMC cloisters but there used to be a water fountain right inside the door. Maybe when they accessibilized the restrooms by that door it moved outside.

  4. marmer01 says:

    Did you know that Google Streetview works on the Rice campus? Here’s your water fountain, across from the chapel.,-95.401616,3a,15y,159.71h,88.64t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sqeDSaW_k4e_JS9TQ-b_Gxw!2e0

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