“Interior cloister towards north between second and third floors”

After all this excitement with the exotic dancers, I feel like it’s probably time for us to simmer down a little. Here’s a picture that ought to lower your blood pressure significantly. Taken in March 1912, while construction of the Administration Building was still ongoing, it is labeled on the back “Interior cloister towards north between second and third floors”:

Admin March 1912 interior cloister towards north between second and third floorsI have only two minor points to note. First, the windows of the faculty chamber (later called the Founder’s Room) are open! And second, I was very recently looking out the same window from which this picture was taken. Oddly enough, I didn’t think to try and open the window as the original photographer did, a gesture that is habitual for me. (You’d be surprised how many things will open with a simple tug.)


Also, I wouldn’t have known to call this an “interior cloister.” If pressed to describe this spot I think I would have said “porch.”

Bonus: Duct tape repair jobs.


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6 Responses to “Interior cloister towards north between second and third floors”

  1. Stephen Fox says:


    It’s a loggia.


  2. Leoguy says:

    It’s not a “porch” unless it has a rocking chair!

  3. Hanszenite says:

    Have you gone to the Julia Ideson building on McKinney Street? It’s also a building by Ralph Adams Cram and he uses loggias there (though that’s in a Spanish Renaissance style). Cram’s other building in Houston is Trinity Episcopal Church but it’s gothic and alas, no loggias.

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  4. james lang says:

    if you look closely youll notice that most of door and window creens were on the inside of the outswinging wiindow/door weve boarded up this place 3 times since 2001

  5. Melissa Kean says:

    Weather or something else?

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