“That memorable ride out on the prairie,” 1907

In one of the very first posts I ever wrote here, I talked about finding the receipt for Dr. Lovett’s travel expenses to Houston that he sent back to the Rice Institute business manager, A.B. Cohn, after his interview trip:


Last week I ran across the letter to Mr. Cohn that accompanied the receipt—in a completely different collection, of course.

Lovett to Cohn April 1907 prairie

I believe they went out looking at possible sites for the Institute and I wonder very much what Mr. Lummis had to say.


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9 Responses to “That memorable ride out on the prairie,” 1907

  1. Leoguy says:

    Bonus: you must be on the roof of Tudor Fieldhouse or the original gym, with the roof of the Baker Institute visible above the parapet wall, and the towers of the Chapel and the Humanities Building beyond that. It’s an unusual view, to say the least! Thank goodness for Google.

  2. almadenmike says:

    Bonus: Looking NE from Reckling Park … past Autry/Tudor, RMC, chemistry & downtown?

  3. Leoguy says:

    My bad. Mike is correct, it’s the Chemistry Building tower, not the Humanities Building.

  4. almadenmike says:

    From the Google Maps satellite view, the awning appears to be on the SE corner of Tudor. (And by RMC, I meant the RMC’s Memorial chapel bell tower.)

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