Matriculation, 1929

After a very long day I’ve now seen most of the images from the glass plate negatives I talked about yesterday and I’m even more thankful for my great good fortune in finding them.

Here is one of the real beauties–Dr. Lovett (in the only photograph I’ve seen of him in a classroom) giving the 1929 matriculation address in the Physics Amphitheater:

Glass EOL speaking in Physics c1930It was roughly 9:00 on the morning of September 25.

We have his typescript of the talk in the Woodson and it certainly covers a lot of ground. I just didn’t have enough time to make a pdf of it this afternoon but I did manage to grab a quick scan of the version that appeared in the Thresher the next week:

EOL 1929 matriculation 1EOL 1929 matriculation 2EOL 1929 matriculation 3

People just don’t talk like this any more.

Bonus: Just a hunch, but I think this might have been taken right afterwards. It looks like it was a windy day.

Glass EOL in Sallypost c1930

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11 Responses to Matriculation, 1929

  1. jlang says:

    wwwind was in the lecture hall

  2. Matt Noall says:

    My, the Physics Amphitheater looked exactly like it did in 1974 when I had my first classes there freshman year…..

  3. john wolda says:

    what a neat belt buckle in the ad for $ 2.50. Wish I could find one.

  4. Richard A. Schafer says:

    Melissa, the last section of his speech appears to be missing, since the last page ends “Socrates was”; can you upload the missing section?

  5. Kathy says:

    I love his hat sitting conveniently on the lab table in front of him! And, also, Matt, that the Physics Amphitheater looks just like it did in 1967, too.

  6. James Medford says:

    Do I see her bloomers being exposed by the wind? This photo must have been suppressed for years!

  7. Melissa Kean says:

    I know! It’s scandalous!

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