You Know What’s Always Fun?

A three-legged race.

Today another significant group of slides I’d never seen before quite unexpectedly fell into my lap. As I looked through them I was surprised to discover a clear link back to the glass plate negatives from the 1929-30 school year that turned up a few weeks ago. Here are some freshman hijinks in the fall of 1929:

Glass slime three legged race 1929

And here are two undated shots from today’s batch:



Three legged race ndThree legged race Lovett ndI’m not sure how to even begin to go about dating these. Maybe ’80s or early ’90s? Same event or different ones? They’re all pretty dorky one way or the other.




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5 Responses to You Know What’s Always Fun?

  1. I’d go with the length of the shorts. Women’s shorts got shorter at some point and haven’t gotten longer yet. These are pretty long. The guy’s shorts are not the 80’s “gym short” length, but still above the knees, so not the long board shorts which came in later. Not sure what the fashion delay is to Houston, but both men and women are a little shorter than Bermuda shorts length, which should be a narrow window.

  2. Bill Peebles '70 says:

    A girl wearing a skirt in a three-legged race? An embarrassment waiting to happen.

  3. Doug Haunsperger '99 says:

    1988 based on the Lovett O-week shirt and this Thresher article:

  4. Pearse says:

    The male half of the Lovett three-legged racer looks like a startlingly young Tom Trail ’92, so 1988 would be correct.

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