Then and Now: Three Views

All of these were inspired by the batch of slides that Alex Dessler brought in a couple of weeks ago. The growth of the tree canopy is amazing. I think the most startling example is the view of the North Lot from the balcony of the Space Science building, 1967 and 2014:

Alex Dessler slides view from spac sci balcony nd


Next is the Media Center, undated but right around the time of completion, I think, then right before it was taken apart this year. The area changed from bleak concrete to a small oasis at the edge of an enormous parking lot:

Alex Dessler slides shacks nd



Finally, these last two bear no real relationship to anything but I was amused by the way the wing is always in the way no matter what year it is. The first was taken in 1921, the second in 1967:

Aerial west across quad 1921

Alex Dessler slildes campus aerial 67

Many thanks to Dr. Dessler for his thoughtful gift!

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2 Responses to Then and Now: Three Views

  1. Keith Cooper says:

    The 67 aerial shot makes me nostalgic for the lawn in front of Hamman Hall …

  2. Me too. I remember playing softball out there and running over our then Assistant Dean while chasing a fly ball. He survived the experience and later became Dean of Music of Indiana, so it couldn’t have been too traumatic.

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