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Nixon Resigns, 1974

This dunking booth at the Baker Shakespeare Festival in the spring of that year may have been the last straw: Bonus:

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A Change of Mind, 1955

I was looking at a file of old RMC stuff earlier this week in preparation for a meeting when I came across this fund-raising brochure for the building. Here’s the cover: As you can see, there’s only a resemblance, and … Continue reading

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Two Presidents

There are many, many photographs in the archives that I’ve never seen because they’re difficult to look at. Some are oddly shaped or sized and therefore awkwardly stored, so it’s a hassle to get them out. Others are tiny slides … Continue reading

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I had a crazy day today and can’t summon any productive remarks. So here are some pretty flowers, along with a few pretty weeds: I found these pictures in the Thresher photo files and I don’t think they’re especially old … Continue reading

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Dell Butcher Hall(s)

Exhibit A, from the Thresher photo files. I should be able to date this from the scaffolding but I’m at home hiding from the rain and cold: Exhibit B, which I took myself last Friday: I can think of buildings … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Determination

This is undated, but maybe late ’60s?    

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The First Band (or part of it, anyway), circa 1915

This is a very early photo, I’d guess 1914 or 1915. I found it in the scrapbook of a 1916 grad and the band, which had been started on the initiative of my old friend W.T. Betts, had uniforms by … Continue reading

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