Spring Think, 1971

I’m guessing that this event may have been a predecessor to what we now call Alumni College, but I freely admit that I’m not at all certain about this. I can say, though, that it looks like a fantastic program:

Spring Think 1971(Slightly off topic: When I cleaned out Professor Brotzen’s office after his death, I came across his notes for this talk on “The Greening of America.” He wasn’t especially impressed with it.)

Spring Think 2 April 1971Another thing I can say is that I would leap without hesitation at the opportunity to drink beer and watch W.C. Fields movies. How utterly civilized!

Spring Think 3Can anyone tell me if that’s history professor Charles Garside gesturing at left?

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6 Responses to Spring Think, 1971

  1. C Kelly says:

    Well, I see Dr. Garside in the last photo, but I can’t tell if he’s wearing his formal black tennis shoes. (I once heard him heard him describe them as appropriate attire at a function because they were black.)

  2. effegee says:

    Yes, that is definitely Charles Garside. He was my pre-major adviser.

  3. almadenmike says:

    In the back-middle, the man with black glasses and long sideburns (beneath the left-hand window and looking to the left) could be one of the speakers, Robert Kapp. (Or it could be Lea Rudee, materials science prof and Wiess master; they look nearly identical from this angle.) I remember that it was quite the sensation when Kapp joined the Rice faculty, with China just beginning to rise in America’s political, diplomatic and economic consciousness. (Nixon’s visit would occur the next year.) Unfortunately, Dr. Kapp left for U. Washington after just a few years. I see that he’s remained active in the field (http://www.chinafaqs.org/expert/robert-kapp and http://www.burson-marsteller.com/press-release/robert-kapp-former-head-of-us-china-business-council-joins-burson-marsteller-as-strategic-advisor-for-u-s-china-specialty-group/ )

    Also, behind and to the right of Kapp/Rudee, could that be Dean Ornish?

    I suspect I can ID the fellow with the plaid slacks behind and to Dr. Garside’s right … but I’ll have to check my Campaniles to get the name.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m pretty sure the guy facing the camera in the very lower left of the last picture is Danny Bice, who was a Hanzsen senior that spring (I was a Brown senior, but don’t remember going to the “Think”). Love the plaid pants! Only in the 70’s.

  5. almadenmike says:

    Could it be Mel Cohen wearing the plaid pants?

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