Friday Afternoon Follies: The Joke’s on Me This Time

I was poking around an obscure and deserted corner of campus, working up an alibi just in case I got busted, when I caught a glimpse of this out of the corner of my eye:

Glove on stick 2014

Y’all would have laughed if you’d been there to see me jump. I almost came out of my skin. Serves me right, I suppose.

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5 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: The Joke’s on Me This Time

  1. marmer01 says:

    Looks like the area under the old track stadium stands.

  2. I imagine there is some strange juju out there. On the brighter side, a student lived for a semester in a tree house he built out there. On the darker side, there was a death by auto-hanging out there as well back in the 70’s. There was always an interesting collection of architectural bits and pieces from around the campus there. When the recycling center was set up out there, I seem to remember one of the ubiquitous Rice street lamp cast iron tops was upside down with flowers planted in it for a while. There was a broken fire hydrant that was out there, that later made the rounds among the colleges(including my room at Sid), and I think it even was present at the famous MOB-held-hostage A&M show. I lost track of where it was by the time I left Rice.

    That area always seemed so far away from the rest of campus, even though all sorts of activity surrounded it. It is interesting that it seems to remain so today.

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