Even More Palms, Plus Why I Love My Job: Reason Number Two

Here’s the picture I had planned for today. They apparently were seriously committed to the palm tree look for Cohen House back in the day, as there was yet another one on the other side of the building, right in the middle of today’s dining area:


Moderately interesting, you say, but probably not enough to inspire real love. The love came later, when very unexpectedly I got a phone call from the very same guy who took and labeled this photo in the spring of 1940, Maxwell Reade, who I’ve talked about before. It’s remarkable how often things like this happen, so I’m hardly even surprised any more but they always bring me real pleasure.

Anyway, Dr. Reade had a couple of questions for me and I had one for him. There’s one image in his scrapbook that I’ve had stuck in my mind for a long time:

Reade 1938 view from where

It’s almost the only picture in the scrapbook that isn’t labeled and  I found it interesting mostly because you can see so clearly where the trolley tracks had been torn up. What’s been rolling around in my mind all this time is that it had to have been taken from a window in Hermann Hospital and I couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing up there. So I asked. He had pneumonia. I’m really glad he got better.

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