Cohen House Chairs and Their Descendants

An exceptionally alert reader pointed out to me the chairs in this Cohen House photo from last week:


I was so fixated on the palm tree that I didn’t even notice them. They are, she correctly points out, the ancestors of the current black metal tables and chairs that have migrated all over campus today. I came across some not long ago up on one of the balconies on Lovett Hall, a very nice spot indeed:


Bonus: Here are those Cohen House chairs being occupied, undated but I’d guess 1930s. Left to right are H.A. Wilson, Andre Bourgeois, Lovett and William Ward Watkin. I’d love to know who took the picture.

EOL Watkin Wilson Bourgeois at Cohen House nd

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  1. Helen L.-Toombs '79 says:

    I’d like to know about the fancier metal chair (or love seat?) that I see up on the terrace. What happened to those?

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