“Meet Rice’s First Negro Co-ed,” September 1965

The library has a new scanner that swiftly and easily manages oversized materials. This is a big, big deal for me. It’s a big deal for you too, even if you didn’t know it until now because it allows me to show you things I couldn’t before, such as this article about Jacqueline McCauley, the first black woman admitted to Rice:

First black coed 1


First black coed 2

First negro coed 3001


She left Rice after a couple of years and the only other thing I know about her is that she had a radio program on KLOL in Houston in the ’70s. (The Houston Radio History blog where I found that is a lot of fun, by the way.)

I greatly admire her courage and I’m grateful to her for helping save us from ourselves.

Bonus: The image of her leaning against the entrance to the Sallyport on the second page reminded me of this one taken in September, 1926.

EOL september 26 1926 Admin corner

Extra Bonus: It might not be the World Cup, but it’s soccer mania every day for the summer campers on campus.


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  1. Barney L. McCoy says:

    Jackie was a very bright and vivacious lady with a great sense of humor that could sometimes be biting. When I worked in the RMC on weekends, she would stop by and shoot the breeze from time to time. It was a welcome diversion from being one of Roland Pomerat’s weekend stand-ins. When I returned to Houston to practice law in the 70’s, she was working at KLOL. She not only had a radio program, but was also a program director. I would see her occasionally at political events, but by the 80s had lost track of her. If she reads any of these comments, I would appreciate getting reacquainted. Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen67

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