Happy Birthday, Rice University!

Name Change announcement


The Thresher had the story all the way back in April, announced in an Extra Edition:

Rice University April 1960 1

Rice University April 1960 2

I would only note that although it was certainly the case that Dr. Lovett’s original intent was for Rice to be a university, that was pretty clearly not William Marsh Rice’s plan. This wasn’t a problem with regard to the name change but it did cause significant trouble during the charter change lawsuit a few years later.

Bonus: Many things were very different in 1960. Here is assistant to the president, Thad Marsh, scolding the Thresher editor for getting something wrong on the front page:

Rice University April 1960 3

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  1. mjthannisch says:

    As is often true, the ads are interesting too. Anyone remember what JA9 stood for, was it Jasper 9 or something else. The Minute Wash where we occasionally washed our 55 Mercury is gone, but its companion on Harrisurg is still there. Anyone else remember buying slacks or shirts at The University Men and Boys’s Shop?

  2. mjthannisch says:

    Thank you Jeff and Melissa.

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