The Big Hole in the Center of Ryon Lab

My day today was marginally calmer than yesterday but it still contained much more excitement than I’d prefer. So again you’re going to get pictures without much commentary; this time, the big hole at the heart of Ryon Lab, which I believe is technically and boringly called a “bay.” First, a construction photo from probably early 1964. Take a good look–that’s the last time you’re going to get a clear view of that side of the Mech Lab:

Ryon negatives 3


The next shot was taken right before the building opened in 1965 and you can see how big and deep this area, which was used for large testing machinery, really is:

RyonInterior2 copy

And finally this one, which I took about a month ago:

Ryon lab 2014


Just for the heck of it, here’s a rendering of the building’s exterior. It’s quite bland. The most remarkable thing about Ryon Lab to me, in fact, is where they chose to put it, which I can’t understand for the life of me.


Bonus: Sophisticated librarian humor.P1090236

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7 Responses to The Big Hole in the Center of Ryon Lab

  1. effegee says:

    Perhaps Ryon’s location was chosen because the old Engineering Annex was roughly in the same place?

  2. Kampechara Puriparinya says:

    Thank you for the Rice University Staff concerns. DrKP in Bangkok, Thailand.

  3. A T-shirt to go with the bumper sticker.

  4. When did the spiral stairs get pulled? As I recall they would have been easy to take out anyway, they were designed to be lifted out with the travelling crane if they were in the way of something.

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