As Long As We’re Talking About 1970

Let’s take a look at this series of shots of the back of the president’s house taken that summer.


President's House June 1970


Late July:

President'S House construction 1970 2



President's House September 1970


I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to learn that I have strong feelings about this. I hate it. Except for the chairs over on the left. Those, I like.


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2 Responses to As Long As We’re Talking About 1970

  1. Melinda Clark says:

    Who was the architect behind this renovation? Also, a pool was put in by the time I was a freshman in 1973.

  2. Matt Noall says:

    There was a story that some of the students put one of the campos cars in that pool when it was drained for maintenance. Probably not true, but a good story….

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