Good Luck Getting a Tee Time on Labor Day

I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Glass golf c1929 from prints



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4 Responses to Good Luck Getting a Tee Time on Labor Day

  1. almadenmike says:

    Looks like the Rice team that won the SWC golf titles in 1929 & 1930.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      And so it is. Interesting looking group, isn’t it?

      • almadenmike says:

        This Woodson photo identifies them as the 1929 champions:, just in a different order. Joe Greenwood’s 1981 induction into the Rice Athletics Hall of Fame says the 1929 championship team consisted of Greenwood Dan Smith, Carl Illig and Harold Cohn, with Forest Lee Andrews and Don Sturges also on the team. A small photo on an Andrews genealogy website ( shows the same Woodson photo — but with a fifth person to the left — and identifies them (presumably left-to-right) as Blake, Andrews, Greenwood, Smith and Illig. Illig’s appearance matches that in the November 28, 2012, Rice History Corner post. So I’m thinking that the four in the post above are (left to right) Andrews, Greenwood, Smith and Illig. However, why is Cohn not in this photo? Maybe they are actually the 1930 team, which includes Blake, but not Cohn. (If so, was Smith still on the 1930 team?)

        • Melissa Kean says:

          There’s something rattling around in my head that makes me think this image is one of a series taken for the 1930 Campanile. I have to wait until I’m back in Houston to check it out, but I know exactly where the right box is sitting so it should only take a moment.

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