Friday Afternoon Follies: I Didn’t Wear My Slime Cap

What we have here is failure to communicate.

I ran across these rebels while looking for something else in the 1923 Campanile. I can’t tell what their punishment is (aside from the sign, of course) but I feel pretty sure that I would have found myself in similar circumstances.

I didnt wear my slime cap 1923 campanile

I didnt wear my slime cap 2

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3 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: I Didn’t Wear My Slime Cap

  1. Karl Benson says:

    Failure to wear one’s slime cap was a serious offense. I still have mine.

  2. almadenmike says:

    An article in the Nov. 24, 1922, Thresher (p.4) with the headline “Vigilance Committee Now At Work” reported that “On Monday Slime Lewis was seen vigorously breaking bricks out in the cloisters for not wearing his slime cap”, and “Slime Zucht was convicted Wednesday on the double offense of not wearing a Slime cap and walking on the grass. A double punishment was assessed and he is to clear two rooms a day for a week and also break bricks in the cloisters.”


    This could refer to Arthur Darling Zucht, Jr., from San Antonio, who is mentioned in Thresher articles through Feb. 20, 1925, but in the Feb. 15, 1924, issue was said to be a student at UT. I didn’t see him on any degree list of that era. He (or it could be his father, Arthur, Sr.) is listed as a Friend of Fondren in a 1952 Flyleaf.

    Two of his sisters also attended Rice: Rosalyn Stern/Sophie Zucht graduated from Rice in 1925, Frances Ferrer Zucht was a freshman in 1927.

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