Olajuwon in The Physics Amphitheater

I’ve written before about the terrific utility of the physics amphitheater as the site for all kinds of lectures and other events in addition to regular classes but I was still startled by this:

Olajuwon Dimensions of Islam

All appearances to the contrary I don’t believe he was teaching physics. I think it was a talk for a Continuing Studies class on Islam. Looks like pretty good crowd turned out. I don’t know the date.

Olajuwon 1


Bonus: Stairs.


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7 Responses to Olajuwon in The Physics Amphitheater

  1. Ben Cooper says:

    I know those stairs. I spent a lot of time down there before and during my time at Rice. It’s making me nostalgic.

  2. Whit Matteson says:

    Here’s hoping the fire department never needs to reach the water connection on the wall above the stairs. Looks like it’s at least 6′ above the tread below.

  3. effegee says:

    Gotta love retrofitted emergency exit stairs…

  4. almadenmike says:

    It’s clearly a different event, but Olajuwon spoke in the RMC’s Grand Hall on Nov. 13, 1995, as part of Islam Awareness Week. The front page of the Nov. 10. Thresher had an advance article on this talk, and the Nov. 17 edition included a photo (front page) and article (p. 8) about it.

    Olajuwon played for UH 1981-84 and for the Houston Rockets 1984-2001.

  5. Deborah Gronke Bennett (BSEE Hanszen 1982) says:

    I am looking at some interesting details in the photos. I can’t quite make out the time, but it could be about 4:35? Did the speaker move between the two photos? In one, I see the right-hand blackboard with the bell curve behind him. In the other, he appears to be in the middle between the boards. Can we date the photo by noting that there are still the wooden desk-chairs? Or the details of the area between the blackboards?

    Oh, and I hope we all remember that the “Exam is Open Book”.

  6. The course was called “The Dimensions of Islam: An Introduction.” It was held in 1998 and we had 75 enrollments for that class.

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