“Introducing Jones College”

That’s the title of this undated pamphlet:

Introducing Jones College 1962

How to date it?

Well, there’s a map of campus on the back:

Introducing Jones College 2

I love the two little buildings behind Physics.

The RMC, Geology, the first part of Biology and Hamman Hall–all completed by 1958–are there but not Space Science (1967) or the addition to Biology (1966). That narrows things down significantly. I also happen to know that the first master of Jones, Calvin Class, who is pictured in the brochure resigned from that position in December, 1964. (It was a fairly big dust up.) I don’t know about you, but I think this is a range we all can find a way to live with: 1958-1964. If you’ve got something better, speak up.

(Hat tip to my colleague Norie Guthrie!)


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  1. almadenmike says:

    The tri-fold “This is Jones College” brochure says that Rice’s freshmen orientation had been “recently redesigned.” In the first page of “The College System After Six Years” supplement to the March 13, 1963, Thresher, a “historical sketch” article includes: “The Senate-sponsored committee of 1960-61 studied the problem and proposed the changes which led to the current Freshman Week procedure, …”

    I can imagine that the details of freshmen orientation often evolved in concert with Rice’s experiences with the college system … but if the Senate committee’s changes amount to the only “redesign” within the 1958-64 time period, then the window for the tri-fold’s publication might narrow to 1961-64.

  2. You should tell the story of the Class dust-up. I suspect it has figured prominently in your ongoing research. I can find Thresher stories online, but I’ll bet you can tell the story better.

  3. George Webb says:

    The pamphlet refers to an annual Powderpuff football game between the Jones upper- and lower-classmen. Was this the origin of Powderpuff football at Rice?

  4. marmer01 says:

    By the time I was there, of course, Powderpuff was an intramural with a real schedule of games. If you saw a girl on crutches, there was a pretty good chance she was a Powderpuff player.

  5. Nancy Meffert Bailey says:

    When I clicked on the image, the url for the pamphlet read:
    So, I guess this was 1962. Dr. Class’s last semester at Jones (with mustache) and the last Jones-only powderpuff game was Fall 1964.

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