Fuzzy and Unfuzzy Images of George Rupp’s Inauguration

I ran across a couple of full contact sheets of pictures taken at Rupp’s inauguration and with a heart full of hope I started to scan them to get a good look. But it turned out to be a sad disappointment. They were very fuzzy:

Rupp inauguration outside the window


As I slipped them back into the folder, though, my hand hit something else: the negatives! The day is saved. Here’s the same shot scanned from the negative. Is it just me or does that look like someone might be hanging out a window at the far left?

Rupp inauguration outside the window neg

Quite  a few of them are worth a close look but for today here’s the most eye-catching. It must have been taken from somewhere in the Physics Building:

Rupp inauguration window neg


Which is where a photographer would have gone if he’d wanted to get the classic shot of the event from the roof of the arcade that connects Physics to Lovett Hall:

Rupp inauguration towards Main Street


Bonus: Chosen at random, the 1931 commencement ceremony from the same vantage point.

Commencement 1931

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  1. There were trumpet players in the little balconies of Sewall and Physics. The late Paul Cooper, Professor of Composition and Theory and Composer-In-Residence wrote a fanfare for a bunch of trumpets (twelve? ten?) for the inauguration of President Rupp.

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