William Howard Taft at Rice

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the comments and emails about this project. Your kindness and interest is very heartening to me.

Second, I am actually posting this from an examination room inside my doctor’s office, where I’ve grown quite weary of the wait.

Now, on to business. After I put up the post about Eisenhower’s visit someone asked about other presidential visits. Coincidentally the very next day I came across this fabulous picture of William Howard Taft on campus with Dr. Lovett and Will Rice:

Taft Rice Lovett 1920

A quick look in the 1920 Campanile turned up this description of his visit:

Taft campanile 1920


Most interesting to me, of course, is the reference to the overall-clad audience. Taft apparently arrived right in the middle of the great Overall Fad of 1920.


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4 Responses to William Howard Taft at Rice

  1. mjthannisch says:

    Shame there is no picture of the audience.

  2. Hmm, those three look like they could create some devilment together. Taft covered a lot of ground. I’ve had the honor of using the narrow gauge private railroad car “Nomad” that Taft used when he toured Colorado.

  3. Steve Lukingbeal says:

    How daring. If William Howard Taft had come on a college campus today, bad mouthing the Bolsheviks and IWW, he probably would have been run off campus before any of the gentleman had the opportunity to light up their after dinner smokes.

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